Mornings and evenings at the Vesper House Hotel

Start your day with a delicious breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere.
You will feel like home.

In the evening relax while listening to the music in our intimate and cozy hall.

obudź się szczęśliwy w Vesper House

Wake up happy at Vesper House Hotel

You can choose to stay without breakfast or start your day
with a delicious buffet, rich in regional products from our local suppliers.

Crispy bread, smoked fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, aromatic coffee is our daily routine.

On individual request, it is possible to prepared a take-away
breakfast set.

Afternoons at the Vesper House Hotel

After a busy day at work, sightseeing or shopping, you don't have to stay in your room. Go down to the cozy hall, where you can relax over a glass of good wine while reading an interesting item from our bookcase.

There will always be a sweet surprise waiting for you as well as aromatic coffee and a selection of teas.

3 minutes away from the Hotel (200 m) you will find a restaurant where you will experience an adventure with italian flavours.
Our guests are always welcome at Trattoria la Cantina, therefore you are entitled to a 10% discount. You can also feel a bit of the italian atmosphere by ordering dishes directly to your room.

popołudnia w Vesper House


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