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Ladies and gentlemen,


The SAFETY of our guests and employees is our top priority.

In face of the current pandemic, we have implemented a number of rules and procedures regarding hygiene and safety that apply to all areas of the hotel to ensure peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. 

  • The staff follows the current guidelines of national institutions responsible for health protection (the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the Ministry of Health). Information and recommendations on SARS-CoV-2 are monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • The staff has been trained in the principles of cleanliness and hygiene and has the necessary knowledge to ensure the safety of both guests and themselves.
  • The staff is equipped with protective masks, disposable gloves, and liquids for disinfecting surfaces and hands. All procedures for disinfecting the workplace are strictly obeyed. We have each employee's body temperature measured and their overall health monitored on a daily basis.
  • Hand sanitiser can be found within the main entrance in the reception lobby. Please use it each time you enter the facility. The hotel is additionally equipped with disinfectant dispensers. You will find them at the entrance to the restaurant, near the public toilet and on each floor by the elevator.
  • Your nose and mouth must be carefully covered on the premises of the hotel. Disposable face masks are available at the hotel reception.
  • In common spaces please keep a safe distance of min. 2m in relation to other guests and hotel staff and try to minimize the presence in the reception area.
  • Please use the elevator only with people from your room.
  • The process of checking in has been limited to the necessary minimum. For the common good, you are asked to confirm your health condition. We do our best to ensure that the internal environment of the hotel is safe for everyone staying in it.
  • The staff systematically disinfects the workplace paying particular attention to the reception desk and the payment terminal. The disinfection of key cards and pens is also carried out on an ongoing basis. Additional areas that are disinfected with increased frequency include: the elevator, corridors, the staircase, toilets, and the restaurant with special attention to frequently touched elements such as buttons, handles, handrails, handles, switches, etc.
  • We recommend settling payments with bank cards and electronic invoices.
  • During the stay, for hygiene reasons, we do not provide cleaning services. It is possible to order a service during the stay, after submitting the request to the hotel reception. Cleaning takes place in the absence of guests, after prior ventilation and disinfection of the room. If you want to change towels, empty the basket or refill your toiletries, please also contact the hotel reception.
  • Breakfasts are served in the room, according to your culinary preferences.
  • The hotel is open only to persons who have checked in.
  • Additional room equipment such as needle boxes, shoe cleaner, stationery, pen, hotel guide are available at the hotel reception.
  • At check-out, please leave the key card in the container on the reception desk.
  • After the departure of guests, the rooms are ventilated and thoroughly cleaned with a strong virucidal and fungicidal disinfectant. Each time, there is a thorough disinfection of all surfaces in the room: furniture, door handles, switches, lamps, handrails, TV remote controls, telephones, kettles, all flat surfaces as well as all sanitary devices in bathrooms.


A number of preventive measures have been implemented in the hotel for the sake of your safety, health and peace of mind during your stay.


Hotel VESPER HOUSE is a safe place!


We wish you a peaceful stay.

Vesper House team